Keti’s Little House Update

Soccer ball 2

Soccer ball up the ladder!


Keti’s Little House

Licensed Home Childcare Provider

Welcome to Keti’s Childcare:

Welcome to my home childcare! I commit to providing a happy, healthy environment for the children. As a home childcare, I create a more intimate setting with a higher level of personal attention that helps kids prepare for future growth. I offer childcare for children ages three months to five years old and specials for school age children after school. I have a large fully child friendly backyard with fun and safe playing equipment. I also participate in the Southwest Human Development Child Care Food Program. You can rest assured that your child is getting nutritious meals that support developing minds.


Currently, I have a couple of openings for kids of all ages!


We have a lot of activities planned for the Spring and Summer such as : Spring Collage ( Help children celebrate national spring flower  month by making fun and festive spring collages ) Spring Kites ( children make colorful miniature kites to welcome the first  sign of spring ) Summer Rainbow ( kids use watercolors, tissue paper, and cotton balls to make colorful rainbows thay’ll love to display )



To provide wide varieties of activities and learning opportunities in a loving, nurturing environment with healthy, nutritious meals and a high level of personal attention. Our goal is to provide a fun and safe learning environment for your child. Your child will receive personal care in a warm and loving home.


1320 Heidi Dr
Plano, Tx 75025


Monday – Friday
7:00am – 6:00pm

Link to Family and Protective Services website with my details, including inspection reports.

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the New Year! We leave the old year with many happy memories and look forward to the new year.

The children keep growing and doing new things all the time and it is always exciting to see.

I wish everyone a good start and all the best in 2014!

Ketevan Kavtaradze


Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg hunt

Easter egg hunt. Look at all the pink dresses!

Easter Egg Hunt!

The kids had a great time hunting for Easter Eggs this year. Notice all the pretty dresses.

The kids had chicken quesadillas for lunch. There was great weather and everyone was able to eat and play outside during the afternoon.


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Growing crystals

Crystal Trees

Watching the crystals grow

Watching the crystals grow

These little cardboard trees grow beautiful crystals. The children were able to watch the crystals grow throughout the afternoon. It took about 6 hours and the children checked on the crystals about once an hour.


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Menu of the Month: March 2013

Fresh lettuce
Fresh lettuce

 Menu of the Month: March 2013

Breakfast: Texas toast and scramble eggs with turkey sausage

AM Snack: Baked apple sauce with cinnamon and raisin

Lunch: Cheese ravioli with meat sauce, mixed vegetables

PM Snack: Baked sweet potato fries, cucumber, and oranges


Sweet potato fries Recipe:

Peel and cut sweet potato into strips about 1/4in wide
Coat baking pan with olive oil
lay the potato strips in a single layer
Coat the potatoes with olive oil
bake at 400 degrees for 40minutes or until crispy
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Puzzling over puzzles

Putting together puzzles

These small puzzles pictured here each have a 3 letter vocabulary word for the kids to put together. I have the kids each call out the letters on the pictures and I tell them the word.


Menu of the Month: October 2011

Fresh lettuce

Fresh lettuce

 Menu of the Month: October 2011

Breakfast: Pumpkin spice bread, eggs, fruit cup

AM Snack: Raw vegetable and peanut butter

Lunch: Butternut squash soup, salad

PM Snack: Ginger cookie, grape fruit


Butternut Squash Soup Recipe:

1 (2 to 3 pound) Butternut Squash, peel & remove seeds.
2 Tablespoons Unsalted Butter
1 Medium Onion, chop ahead
6 cups Chicken Broth (organic)
Nutmeg, 4 pinches
Salt & Pepper to your taste
Cut squash into 1-inch chunks.  In large pot, melt butter on medium heat.  Add onion and cook until clear, about 8 minutes.  Add squash and chicken broth.  Bring to a simmer and cook until squash is tender, about 15 to 20 minutes.  Remove squash from pot with a large spoon with holes in it, letting the broth drip back into the pot. Put the squash in a food-processer or a blender and puree.  Return blended squash back to pot.  Stir and season with nutmeg, salt, and pepper.  Serve hot with your favorite bread and Salad.
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Menu of the Month: November 2011

Fresh potatoes

Fresh potatoes

 Menu of the Month: November 2011

Breakfast: Bagels with Cream Cheese, Oranges

AM Snacked: Boiled squash

Lunch: Roast Turkey, roast vegetables, sweet potatoe

PM Snack: Pomegranate, pumpkin cookies

Boiled Squash:

1 medium squash

Cut squash into cubes. Boil squash for 15 minutes. Steam for 5 minutes on low heat until it starts to look dry. Remove from heat and serve with honey or fruit preserve.


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Painting a birdfeeder

Painting a birdfeeder

I picked up some wooden birdfeeders and paint. The kids sat outside and had a lot of fun painting the bird feeders.

Painting birdfeeders

The girls painting birdfeeders

The weather was beautiful that morning.

As cooler days approach, the kids are doing more activities outside and enjoying being out in the sun. They run around the yard throwing and kicking balls, help with picking herbs in the garden, and playing in the sandbox.



Menu of the month: September 2011

Menu of the Month:September 2011


Lunch Time at Ketevan's Childcare

Lunch Time at Ketevan's Childcare

Oatmeal, banana, toast

AM snack:

Cantaloupe, juice, cracker


Spaghetti with spinach and meat sauce, fruit cup

PM snack:

Humus and roast vegetable



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